Amazon’s Allowance needs an AllotMint

I asked for an allowance today.

I’m in my thirties, but I need it. ShopAgree advertises the ability to get assistance with purchases, and Amazon Allowance is a great complement to ShopAgree.

But Amazon hasn’t solved for my need to seek advice from my wife, or approval on bigger items. In fact, we’ll still have to discuss the inevitable items with cost that may exceed my allotted amount.

So ShopAgree is introducing AllotMint, it’s ShopAgree, yes, but it’s made to complement an allowance for any retailer, not just Amazon. AllotMint does just give your friends and family (specifically parents, or my wife) the ability to assist with your purchases, but also streamlines the advice and approval you’ll also need to make confident purchases.

Advise, assist and approve with ShopAgree and PollCart’s AllotMint.


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